At A Glance…

When you finally start coming down from the high of nesting and fatigue hits you like a train, Braxton Hicks become more intense, the baby descends because you are due, you walk like a hippo and you have to sit with your legs 180 degrees apart, you pee droplets every other minute and your appetite has disappeared like traffic jam on jogoo road during Christmas. Did I mention Now that baby has turned, he/she decides your ribs are the playing pitch and the game becomes more intense as the goal is about to be scored. The glow you once had is now replaced with saggy dark haunted eyes since sleep is a wish Santa refused to grant, and when the sand man drops a few grains of sand in your eyes, you toss and turn in awkward positions and end up waking up more tired than you went to sleep.

But through it all, you persevere and continue dutifully to walk and eat pineapples and terere(eeewww) and avoid the things you really crave when am appetite peek a book with you like bacon and eggs and pancakes and ice-cream. You hold on and keep moving and taking that water dutifully even though it tastes like nothing in particular and makes you want to gag, because you can’t wait to meet this little human that has brought so much love and confusion and happiness in your life. That little being that you can’t wait to hold and smother with kisses and love until your heart bursts.

And yet as you eagerly wait to meet the little person, you can’t help but think how you would do this all over again, but you would still never want to go through this ever again Hehehe….

Maybe I should dance more. Jump more. Get my boogie on. My baby just wants to bake a little more,  while I’m screaming your rent is over, please just come out of me already… Sigh. Right now, pregnancy is not beautiful at all. Its just irritating. My body isn’t mine anymore.

I take a deep breath. Take all the time you need my little baby, I tell my tummy as I rub it. I’m not ready for you to come out yet. I’ll preservere a little more. I’m scared. Am I strong enough to bring you into this world? Am I ready to finally be called mama so and so?  I mean, you are about to flip my whole world on its own axis. Whoa!!!  This is really about to happen. I’m about to pop.  I don’t have any more months to console myself. Or hide myself behind the calender any more. It’s really happening.

I can do this. I am gonna do this. And then I’m finally gonna hold my little bundle of life in my arms. The first phase of my journey is almost at its end. It wasn’t easy, Lord knows how many times I wanted to give up, but I did it.

And guess what, My New Year is literally opening a new chapter for me in my life. Isn’t God great…

Everytime I look at my mother,my heart swells. She went through this to bring me into the world. She is my rock. My very heart. My heaven on earth. God is Amazing.


Cheers to a New chapter.

Thank you to this amazing lady called Sunshine. You have made this journey a little easier to walk. You’re a magnificent gift and I thank God for this platform that crossed our paths.

Happy New Year to us!!

Cheers Supermoms.


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